Straight Teeth With Smilelign

Here at Perry House, we offer a clear brace system that uses innovative technology to create the smile you have always dreamed of. Smilelign allows you to straighten your teeth almost invisibly, enabling you to live and smile, confidently.

By using a series of bespoke removable aligners, Smilelign lines up your teeth to make your smile straighter. Our powerful technology plots the exact direction your teeth need to move in to achieve optimal results.

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Before & After

Before you commit to getting straighter teeth, you want to know that you’re going to get results.

Check out these before and after photos and patient testimonials below, to show you the improvement that Smilelign clear braces have had for our patients.

How Does It Work?

Smilelign is a clear brace system that delivers excellent results for thousands of patients every year. Established in 2012, Smilelign works with dentists across the UK to give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

So, how does it work?

A Series Of Clear Braces

Smilelign consists of a series of virtually invisible braces that are changed every two weeks.

Each aligner is carefully designed specifically for your teeth and moves them in small stages, little by little, week by week until they have reached the final position prescribed by your dentist.

Treatment can take as little as 12 weeks and depends on the complexity of the tooth movement required. Realistically, most cases are completed within 6-12 months.

How Do Aligners Move Teeth?

With Smilelign, each clear aligner moves your teeth a fraction of a millimetre at a time.

Our technicians use specialised software to meticulously plan your tooth movements. Working from your dentist’s prescription, we craft your bespoke treatment plan – and your future smile!

Sent to your dentist, your treatment plan includes: before & after images, an animation showing the movements required, and a set of pre-aligners – designed to see if clear braces are the right for you.

Will They Affect My Day-To-Day Life?

Smilelign invisible braces are clear, slimline and comfortable – making them a seamless addition to your lifestyle.

Designed to work with you, you don’t need to change what you eat, or when you eat – just remove the aligners, enjoy, and remember to put them back in afterwards.

You also remove the aligners to clean your teeth, meaning that you maintain good oral health without the need for additional hygiene appointments.

Questions & Answers

Can I have clear braces to straighten my teeth?

Whether or not clear aligners are for you depends on three key factors:

  1. The complexity of your individual ‘case’ (i.e. how much overcrowding, overjet, buck teeth etc)
  2. How you feel about wearing the braces (our pre-aligners will help you understand this more)
  3. How compliant you are – clear braces need to be worn at all times, only removed when eating or drinking.

How much does Smilelign cost?

It is impossible to provide a fixed price without seeing your teeth, and prices also vary from dentist to dentist. Smilelign can be as low as £1000, but this can increase with case complexity.

How do clear braces ('aligners') move my teeth?

Clear braces work in the same way as traditional braces – by exerting gradual pressure on one or more teeth.

At Smilelign, our skilled technician’s carefully planned how much each tooth can move – looking at available space, root positioning and bite (how your teeth work together). A series of braces are then planned, each one designed to move your teeth closer to your future smile. Each clear brace gradually moves one or more teeth approximately 0.3mm at a time.

How do I maintain good oral hygiene?

To maintain the best oral hygiene you should brush your teeth as standard (twice a day including flossing a couple of times a week) as well as after eating. This is most important: brushing removes food particles and sugars that can lead to tooth corrosion. A brace prevents the free movement of saliva around the mouth, which, in turn, inhibits the cleaning process aided by the movement of saliva.

Equally, the brace requires cleaning. After brushing it is good practice to brush the aligner too – ideally with soap and not toothpaste. Twice a week it is also important to clean the brace with a disinfecting tablet. These can be purchased here.

How long do I wear my clear braces for?

The longer you wear your Smilelign aligners each day, the more effective and quicker your treatment will be. We suggest you aim for 24 hours a day, only removing them to eat and clean them.

Can I drink with my brace in?

Drinking water whilst wearing your braces is fine. Under no circumstances should you drink carbonated, sugary or acidic drinks such as fresh juice, fizzy drinks and energy drinks as this can lead to corrosion of your teeth. If you need to drink these types of drinks you must remove your clear braces and make sure you clean your teeth and the brace before inserting them back on your teeth.

Can I eat with clear braces in?

No! Even really soft foods can damage the plastic when chewing. It is recommended that all drinking and eating is kept to mealtimes when you can remove your braces. If you eat or drink with the aligners in food debris and liquids can become trapped between your teeth and the clear plastic, not only will it look unsightly but it can lead to decay or acid in the fluid can erode the enamel of your teeth. We only recommend drinking still water whilst wearing your clear aligners.

Can I drink tea or coffee?

Again it is recommended that your Smilelign braces are removed when drinking hot drinks like tea and coffee, not only can it lead to staining of your teeth but the heat can damage the thin plastic of the braces and prevent them working or deform them.

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