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We offer whitening at Perry House Dental Surgery. Tooth Whitening is a non-invasive way to whiten your teeth and enhance your smile. A recent check-up is needed first to ensure this works well.

Teeth whitening is the quickest and simplest way of improving your smile. The tooth whitening products we use are gentle, safe and effective to give you the natural results you want.

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Before & After

Before you commit to getting straighter teeth, you want to know that you’re going to get results.

Check out these before and after photos and patient testimonials below, to show you the improvement that Smilelign clear braces have had for our patients.

Questions & Answers

Is Teeth whitening safe?

Ultimately the answer to this question is “yes”, with professional tooth whitening prescribed by Perry House Dental.

Why should I go to a dentist to get my teeth whitened?

Your dentist has access to the very latest teeth whitening techniques which are improving all the time. Your dentist will also be able to ascertain during your consultation which one of these is best suited to your needs. Not everyone is suitable for certain methods of teeth whitening due to the condition of their tooth enamel. If you buy a teeth whitening kit when your teeth aren’t strong enough, there is a risk you could do your teeth a lot of harm. You wouldn’t try to give yourself a filling so don’t risk trying to whiten your teeth yourself.

Do my teeth need whitening?

You are the best judge of that, but if you drink red wine, or smoke, or drink tea or coffee, or take meds or eat a whole host of other foods chances are your teeth will be discoloured. As teeth discolour gradually it may not be you who actually notices it. Or you may see an old photo of yourself and suddenly see the difference. If you have crowns or veneers that were matched to your own tooth colour and there is now a marked difference, then you will be able to gauge the level of discolouration.

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